Venerable Tao Hai

The Director, Venerable Tao Hai

The director, Venerable Tao Hai was born in China in 1924. He became a Buddhist monk when he was in his teens. When the Communist took over mainland China, he escaped to Hong Kong. He then studied at the Buddhist Institute where Venerable Miu King attended previously. Subsequently they lived in the same temple for a period of time.

In 1971, Venerable Tao Hai was invited to Taiwan to teach at Nan Pu Tou, a Buddhist Institute specialising in the Vinaya. Being well versed in the precepts and persevering to observe them, Venerable Tao Hai is well respected and made a great impact on the Chinese Buddhist community. Since then, he was frequently invited to head ordination ceremonies for Buddhist laity to become Buddhist monk or nun.

In 1987 he took on the role as Director of a Buddhist Vinaya Institute in Taiwan. Later in 1991, while he was the abbot of Zheng Jiao Jing She (正覺精舍), he invited Venerable Miu King to give Dharma Lecture on The Lotus Sutra for two consecutive Rain Retreats. Currently he is the abbot of Nan Pu Tou Monastery.