Traffic in the mind


Traffic In the Mind

Ease ‘n Leisure

Khenpo Jigme (KJ), ML and DB visited our Monastery on Sunday evening.
The nuns greeted them in the reception room.

After a few seconds of silence, KJ started,
“It seems that there is no traffic here.  It is very quiet, very good.”
IQ, one of the nuns, responded, “Hmm, sometimes there IS some traffic.”
“When?”  KJ challenged.
IQ replied without thought, “When the car passes by!”

For another second of silence, KJ burst out laughing.
Then ML and DB started laughing, too.
Then everyone laughed.
IQ laughed as well, of course.
That loud laughter kept going and going.

IQ then suspected if she had said something inappropriate.
Very soon, she realized that what she replied might seem witty but was superficial.

If one practices samatha and vipassana constantly, one would come up with the answer,
“There is traffic whenever the mind is perturbed.”
In other words, there is no traffic in the mind only when the mind is still and clear.

動? 動?