Long May Your Successes Prosper Well


Long May Your Successes Prosper Well

Alice M. Wong

Again you all cultivate,

With strict and solemn rite,

Another anniversary,

In Vadito, tonight.


You all are here in pure minds,

Few gone from your small band;

You all can see each well-known face

And press each toiled hand.


Ven. Middle, always at her desk,

With reverence we greet.

As, so intelligently, she

Writes outlines on a sheet.


Though she's busy and tired,

We joy to hear her speak.

When words of wisdom fall from her,

Away defilements leak.


Sister Sympathetic to whom we bow

Has sila guided grace,

And lectures upon we cultivators

With thin but jovial face.


Oral teachings light her eye,

Her advice helps a lot,

Behold ambition on her brow

With courage on the spot!


Next out comes peaceful Venerable Spotten,

So patient, good, and neat,

Who is never ever angry,

But good natured and sweet.


Kind and peaceful is this sister,

Charitable is she,

Declaring precepts significant,

Important as can be.


Sister Meditation, who's also here,

Her knowledge all in place,

Is a model of great propriety,

With special sober grace.


Sila, samadhi, her good natures,

With prajna in the lead,

To be perfectly enlightened,

Time is all she needs.


Sister Rejoice, busied to and fro,

For talented is she,

Gifted and always teaching others,

Never owning a "Me".


So gallant a translator,

Wise, mild, and at her best,

With a knack to educate us,

And keep us filled with zest.


Venerable Sage, she meditates,

Her goodness be it much,

She has controlled her defilements,

Her greed, anger, and such.


A quick-witted genius,

Having talent, faith, and courage,

Not greedy nor contented,

For all dharmas are an image.


Sister Emptiness, too is here,

Very docile and wise.

She who now meditates in bliss,

Her prajna's great in size.


She that is down need fear no fall,

She that is low hath no pride,

She that is humble ever shall

Have Buddha as her guide.


Sister Merciful, she's smart at,

Leading others to success,

Pleasant and intelligent,

Cultivating to her very best.


She that is well cultivated

Can surely always endure,

For her deeds are great and gentle,

While her mind is nearly pure.


Years have passed, we still unite

To meditate and read,

And tread the path to Buddhahood

That doth to glory lead.


Long may your successes prosper well,

Your goals unbroken be,

And coming years their blessings pour

On everyone and thee.