Audio Tapes of Venerable Miu King's Lectures on Buddhadharma


Audio Tapes of Venerable Miu King’s Lectures on Buddhadharma


(All in Mandarin)

1.The Rare Supremeness of the Dharma Door of Upholding the Precepts and Being Mindful of the Buddha (1998, Chengchueh Vihara, Puli, Taichung, Taiwan)

2. How Do We Walk on the Path of Cultivation?

3. Discourse on Buddhism/Question & Answer (1998, Faru Vihara)

4. Precepts Observation and Buddha Mindfulness (1998, Kuangte Foundation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

5. Shariputra Chapter-Mahaprajna Paramita Sutra (1998, Kuangte Foundation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

6. The Chapter of Upholding That Which Is Learned Through Listening-Mahaprajna Paramita Sutra

7. Shariputra Chapter-Mahaprajna Paramita Sutra (1998, Huatsang Lecture Hall, Taipei, Taiwan)

8. Shariputra Chapter-Mahaprajna Paramita Sutra (1998, Shoukuang Vihara, Taichung, Taiwan)

9. Poem On The Western Pure Land

10. Discourse on Buddhadharma (1998, Hsinyuan Collective Practice Society)

11. Discourse on Buddhadharma (1998, Nanputou Buddhist Academy)

12. Discourse on Buddhadharma (1998, Fuyen Buddhist Academy, Hsinchu, Taiwan)

13. Repentance Host Master Tzyun's Vow of the West Land

14. Question and Answer on Buddhism (1998, Taoyuan, Taiwan)

15. The Six Doors of Wonder

16. Dharma Talks in 1998 Emperor Liang Session/Question & Answer (1998, Fa Yun Monastery)

17. Instructional Talks in Meditation Session-Vajra Sutra (Yungkuang Monastery, Tachia, Taiwan)

18. Talks on Dharma (1998, Yungkuang Monastery, Tachia, Taiwan)

19. Dharma Talks in Two-day Buddha Recitation Session (1998, Puyuan Lecture Hall, Tainan, Taiwan)

20. Earth Holding Boddhisattva Precept Manual (1998, Fuyen Buddhist Academy, Hsinchu, Taiwan)

21. Question & Answer on Buddhism (1998, Fuyen Buddhist Academy, Hsinchu, Taiwan)

22. Instructional Talk on Buddhadharma (1998, Wensi Book House, Taipei, Taiwan)

23. What is Buddhadharma? (1998, Tafo Monastery, Hsindien, Taiwan)

24. Talks on Dharma (1998, Hsinyuan Buddha Recitation Society, Taiwan)

25. Talks on Dharma (1998, Dallas, Texas U.S.A.)

26. Brief Discourse on Meditative Stilling and Contemplation (1996)

27. The Chapter of Simile-Dharma Flower Sutra

28. The Chapter of Observing Living Beings-Vimalakirti Sutra (1995, Wanfo Monastery, Taichung, Taiwan)

29. Initiating the Bodhi Resolve-The Shastra of Revealing and Spreading the Sagely Teaching (1999, Institute for Buddhist Studies of Fa Yun Monastery)

30. Virtuous Merit of Learning the Sagely Path (1999, Vancouver Canada)

31. Talks on Dharma (1994, Vancouver Canada)

32. The Buddha Spoke of Immeasurable Life Span Sutra-Last Roll (1999, Vancouver Canada)

33. The View that Life is Born Because of Conditions (1999, South Bay Area California U.S.A.)

34. The Exhortation to Bring Forth the Bodhi Resolve (1999, Vancouver Canada)

35. Talks on Dharma (1999, Vancouver Canada)

36. The Chapters of Three-fold Praise and Manifestation of Extinguishing Contention-Mahaprajna Paramita Sutra

37. The Chapter of Bodhisattva Practice-Vimalakirti Sutra (1999, Minnesota U.S.A.)

38. Verse of Rebirth Vow by Upatisha-The Sutra of Immeasurable Life Span (1999, Wisconsin U.S.A.)

39. Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra (1999, Fayun Lecture Hall, Puli, Taichung, Taiwan)

40. Buddha Mindfulness and Meditation (1999, Fahsing Monastery, Chaochou, Pingtung, Taiwan)

41. Question & Answer on Buddhism (1999, Taai Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan)

42. Taking Refuge with the Triple Jewel (1999, Taai Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan)

43. Dharma Talk in Transmission of Eight Laity Precepts (1999, Manjusri Institute, Taipei, Taiwan)

44. Talks on Buddhism (1999, Faer Meditation Center, Sanchung, Taipei, Taiwan)

45. Learning to Purify the Mind (1999, Taiwan University of Science & Technology, Taipei, Taiwan)

46. Dharma Talks in 1999 Emperor Liang Session (1999, Fa Yun Monastery)

47. Selected Studies on The Shastra of the Grounds of Yogacara Master (1999, Los Angeles, California U.S.A.)

48. Talks on Dharma (Nov. 1999, Fayun Lecture Hall, Puli, Taichung, Taiwan)

49. Selected Studies on the Shastra of the Grounds of Yogacara Master-Chapter of Entering Grounds of Yogacara II (1999, Huatsang Lecture Hall, Taipei, Taiwan)

50. The Chapter of Heavenly Lord-Mahaprajna Paramita Sutra (Nov. 1999, Chihlian Ching Yuan, Hong Kong)

51. Summary of Amitabha Sutra (Nov. 1999, Kuan Yin Monastery, Chihchu, Hong Kong)

52. The Chapter of Buddha Path-Vimalakirti Sutra (Windsor Auditorium, Wantzu, Hong Kong)

53. Buddhadharma & Meditation (Jan. 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

54. The Chapter of Planting Wholesome Roots-Mahaprajna Paramita Sutra (Jan. 2000, Kuanyin Monastery, Canada)

55. Brief Discourse on the Sequence of Buddhist Study (Jan. 2000, Fahsin Dhyana Monastery, Seattle, Washington U.S.A.)

56. The Virtuous Merit of Studying Buddhadharma (Jan. 2000, Fuhui Monastery, Canada)

57. New Year Talk (Feb. 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

58. Discussion Panel on Buddhism (Feb. 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

59. Discussion Panel on Buddhism III (Mar. 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

60. Talks on Dharma (Mar. 2000, Faer Meditation Center, Sanchung, Taipei, Taiwan)

61. The Chapter of Disciples, Rahura Section-Vimalakirti Sutra (Mar. 2000, Faer Meditation Center, Sanchung, Taipei, Taiwan)

62. Brahma Net Bodhisattva Precept Manual (Apr. 2000, Fayun Dhyana Monastery, Miaoli, Taiwan)

63. Summary of Dharma Flower Sutra (May 2000, Putou Monastery, Saba, Malaysia)

64. Stabilizing Body and Mind; Body and Mind Stabilized (May 2000, Puchueh Dhyana Monastery, Singapore)

65. Discussion Panel on Buddhism IV (May 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

66. Discussion Panel on Buddhism V (Jul. 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

67. How to Eradicate Affliction (Jul. 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

68. Stabilizing Body and Mind; Body and Mind Stabilized (Jul. 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

69. Five Qualities that a Meditator Should Possess (Aug. 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

70. Dharma Talks Given as Host of Meditation Session (Aug. 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

71. Vimalakirti Sutra/Question & Answer (Dec. 2000, Fa Yun Monastery)

72. Stabilizing Body and Mind; Body and Mind Stabilized (Tachueh Lotus Society, California U.S.A.)