Be a vegetarian


Be a Vegetarian

It is important to be a vegetarian. By being a vegetable eater you can be able to prevent some bad things from happening. It is very simple. Just snack on fruits, vegetables, and soy products. Good things will happen if you don't eat living beings, and your simple meals will be delicious, inexpensive, and healthy.

One important reason to be a vegetarian is to save animals' lives and to stop them from being brutally treated while they're alive. People only kill animals' because someone's there to consume them. The United States eats 43,986,000,000 pounds of meat a year. If more people are vegetarians, less people gobble up meat, so more animals' lives will be rescued. Even when farm creatures are alive, they are treated cruelly because farmers want to have more money. Land for livestock is expensive, and farmers, who want to buy just a little land and raise a huge amount of animals, cram these creatures tightly together, one on top of the other. All veal calves are separated from their mothers as soon as they're born. The calves suffer because they have nothing to eat or suck on and have no sunlight. This cruel method keeps their muscles from growing and the veal will be "tender." Many calves slowly die of torturing starvation because of this brutal treatment. Chickens are also badly treated before death. Five to eight chickens are squashed in a tiny cage so they can't move, because the demand for chickens is so high.

We should not waste our efforts on raising, buying and shipping meat. Farmers raise over seventeen pounds of grain to get one pound of beef. Raising grain is terribly difficult for farmers, but what we get out of seventeen pounds of grain is only one pound of beef. Think of all the grain it takes to feed cows for us to eat 25,538,000,000 lbs of cattle a year. We also feed animals over 80% of the corn we grow, and over 95% of oats. We lose 94% of the protein the farmers raise in grain, since the 94% is fed to cattle. Our efforts are wasted. By cycling grain through livestock we ignore human needs and lose 94% of protein, 96% of calories, 100% of the grain's fiber, and 100% of carbohydrates. Meat is expensive, much more expensive than veggies. Now it is very difficult to even find a decent job, and the work is tiring. You use the money you earn to buy some meat, but is it worth it? Meats of all kinds spoil quickly and your tiring work for a large amount of money to buy animal flesh is all wasted. Over 75% of children in Guatemala are under nourished. Yet Guatemala ships pounds of meat to the United States, so the farmers there raise oats and corn for the cattle they sell to us. Lack of nutrition causes Guatemalan kids to be unhealthy. Many of us have a hard time working for wages to buy meat. It is difficult for many to afford meat, especially now, when people have low salaries or can't find a job.

You will be healthier as an herbivore if you don't eat meat. Eating animals' bodies makes children mature too quickly. Many four or five year old girls already have ovarian cysts and breasts as large as fourteen year olds'. In order to get more meat from one cow, cows and other animals get hormones and shots. Hormone shots are meant for animals, to let them be larger and produce more meat. These shots are not suitable for humans, which is why we are overdeveloped. Many doctors believe that vegetarians will recover more quickly and completely from cancer than meat-eaters. You are also less likely to get cancer if you're a vegan. The Family Nutrition Book by W. Sears, M.D. says that "Vegetarians have a lower incidence of cancer, especially of the colon, stomach, lung, mouth, bladder, and breast." Eating meat also causes people to have more bone loss. Researchers found that by the age of 65 in the US, male meat-eaters have an average measurable amount of bone loss of 7%, but male vegetarians have only 3% of bone loss. Female meat eaters have an average measurable amount of bone loss of 35%, and female vegetarians just 18%. Female meat eaters lose over one-third of their skeletal structure by the time they are sixty-five. Vegetarian women of the same age maintain erect postures and seldom have bones fractures. Vegetarians consume less fat by eating plant food. Plant food, which includes grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds, have no bad cholesterol at all. Even lean meat and seafood, hides about 60% of it's cholesterol. Dairy products and meats percentage of calories can be as high as 60 - 100%, though plant food has 5 - 6% of calories as fat. Animals often get diseases and farmers don't even know. If you feast on these corpses you might get sick.

One also has to believe that cause and effect and after life is very important and is involved with vegetarianism. What's cause and effect? Cause is karma and effect is the result, the fortunes, and the external factors. If you perform wholesome karma, you will receive salutary results. If you do unwholesome deeds, you'll get negative results. Eating animal flesh is also an unwholesome deed. In one's after life, one may be a human, an animal, a ghost, a spirit, in hell, or in heaven according to the deeds you did. Good deeds cause us to be born in heaven or as a human. Being an animal, a ghost, or in hell is the bad result of evil causes.

Mediators will be able to concentrate better if they are vegans. The goal of meditation is to reach peacefulness and harmony of body and mind. When you slobber up these dead animals, it will prevent you from reaching your goal of meditation. If you are an omnivore, some spirits may bother you when you meditate and pray because they want revenge for their death. The way animals are slaughtered is very brutal.

For example, chickens are thrown, alive, into a pot of boiling water. Lobsters and crabs, also alive, when they are fried or boiled. Some people use an ax to chop a live monkey's head to eat its brain raw. These animals are greatly afraid, and they are really angry, they will want payment for their death, and they want revenge, no matter where the cause of their death was born and what he becomes. If you are a meditator, your mind will be more penetrative and sensitive, you will induct the hatred of the animal spirit much easier than those who do not meditate, and that might trouble you when you're trying to be good, to be pure. This is also one of the reason why meditator should practice repentance (ex: The Repentance of Great Compassion of Guanyin Bodhisattva ) frequently in order to eradicate the the barrier of your enlightenment.

As a result, being a vegetarian is better than being a meat-eater. You won't waste money, and you will be able to save the lives of living creatures. You shall be healthy as a vegan, don't be afraid. Meditators also benefit from not eating meat. After all, everyone benefits greatly from being a vegetarian.

(Editor's note: the author is a 12-year-old girl who has been a vegetarian since she was born.)